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To help avoid problems or misunderstandings before they happen, we have designed a set of policies based on common sense, experience and best practices.  They were created in the spirit of keeping the give-and-take between us and our customers as fair and even as possible. 

  • Each case will be handled individually with the goal of meeting the Customer's needs.
  • The Geekazoids will do their best to develop valuable solutions; however, results cannot be 100% assured due to the complex nature of the industry.  Instead, we promise that we will not call a job complete until you are satisfied that we have done everything in our power to fix the problem, or else we will refund our labor charge. 
  • Also due to the nature of troubleshooting, if problems come up that require additional hours of work, we will contact the Customer to let them know the additional costs and receive verbal approval from the customer that the additional costs will be paid before proceeding with service.
  • The Geekazoids may charge for any service provided by phone or in person.  We accept cash (preferred), check, money order, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.  Payment is due at time of service.  If payment is not made, the Geekazoids may hold on to the Customer's equipment until payment is received.
  • If a payment agreement is made between the Geekazoids and the Customer, additional fees may apply for late payments.
  • The Customer must have the appropriate licensing and media for software that the Customer requests The Geekazoids to install and/or support. 
  • The Geekazoids will do their utmost to preserve all of the Customer's data. However, the Customer has full responsibility for preserving a backup of their data before requesting service. 
  • The Geekazoids liability is limited to the compensation the Customer paid for service. 
  • The Geekazoids may update service rates without notice but we will always publicly post new rates on our website.
  • The Geekazoids will always attempt to assist the Customer in purchasing any components directly rather than being the middleman.  This way, the Customer is getting the part at the lowest price with no markup for administration overhead.  Also, in case a part requires warranty repair, it is best to have it purchased under the owner's name directly.
  • The Geekazoids may use a remote control utility to access a computer remotely if the Customer agrees.  We will not remote into your computer without your consent and will only use the remote access to complete agreed-upon work. 


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